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Carter Purcell

Carter Purcell is a well‐known designer from Rancho Santa Fe, CA receiving the Best of Houzz Award for 2016. She received her BA in Interior Design from San Diego State and has lived and worked in San Diego ever since. With more than 20 years’ experience working with residential, commercial, and governmental clients, Carter specializes in transforming interior design concepts into aesthetically arresting environments.

Carter began her career with Design Line Interiors in San Diego, where she learned residential interior design working with a regional leader in the design of model homes. She worked side by side with some of the most creative people in the industry of which she is proud. Carter rapidly earned a reputation for exceptional design work, strong leadership and collaboration skills, and a knack for streamlining company processes. Her focus on quality design created a following, which enabled her to venture out on her own.

In 2005, Carter started her firm, where she submersed herself into the stimulating challenges of private residential design. Designing a person’s home, is a very personal venture which Carter embraces whole heartedly. She is successful in understanding each clients’ needs, wants and desires, which she then transforms into inspiring spaces to live, work and breathe.

Carter was drawn to interior design because of her love of life, people and color. She brings that enthusiasm into each project that she embarks in. Designing is thrilling and the process should be as well. She guides her clients through a design process tailored to them and makes it refreshing, exciting and enjoyable.

Carter has been fortunate to take on many avenues of design which encompasses not only residential but commercial design as well. Commercial design has been a strong element in her success. She has designed Expansive Administration buildings, Training Facilities and Housing for the Government. Carter is very conscientious of budgets and is remarkable at creating unique designs for every need that maintains an aesthetic appeal that is timeless.

Designing is a true art form, being successful at it takes organization, efficiency, and a zeal for an aesthetic know how, all of which Carter embodies. She has consistently improved and streamlined the design process. Her hands‐on approach allows her to integrate into a team environment, cultivate relationships, unite common vision and goals, and maximize client satisfaction. A holder of the National Council for Interior Design Certification since 2011, Carter now runs her best‐in‐class interior design firm servicing all conceivable types of real estate clients.

Carter Purcell

A personal touch

When she’s not surrounded by the beautiful textiles, paint swatches & other elements of design, Carter spends her time with her true love, her family. Carter and her husband, Thomas have two spirited & spunky children. With a 6 1⁄2 & 2‐year old, Carter understands the importance of creating livable happy spaces. Her children are the drive behind her success, her client focus & time management skills that the best of the best taut.